Funeral Arrangements

Arranging a Funeral

The funeral arrangements are generally comprised of three parts:

  1. Information for the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages is collected at the time of arrangement regarding family history and is sent to the Registrar so the person referred to can be referenced to confirm identity. From this information Government statistics are compiled, the death is registered and if requested, a copy of the Registered Death Certificate is issued.
  2. Organising the details of the funeral service. Burial or Cremation, Church, Chapel or Garden Service, Minister or Celebrant, Viewing, Dressing, Coffin type, Floral tributes and newspaper notices are all items that you will have to consider to name a few. As you can see there is a lot of decisions that go into funeral arrangements so it is wise to think about them early.
  3. The final part is the funeral service itself. This is the point that all the decisions you have made are put into place and are attended to in a timely and dignified manner. During the funeral, Harts Family Funerals attend to all details so you don't have to worry or be distracted. It is our aim to give our clients the very best care and personal attention we can provide.


It is always wise to plan ahead. It takes away the problems associated with making hasty decisions. At Harts Family Funerals, we believe that pre-arranging is a sensible option. You can request us to send to you our information booklet and complete the 'My Funeral Requests' section and keep it with your personal papers.

You may like to come in to our office or we will come to you and document the requests you make and keep them on file indefinitely. We also advise to update these pre-arrangements from time to time as your situation changes. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that your requests are ready when the need arises. Contact us today to make arrangements for you or your loved ones.

Choices You Have

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faith, hope love Burial or Cremation
faith, hope love Church or Chapel
faith, hope love Clergy or Celebrant
faith, hope love Coffin Selection
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faith, hope love Press Notices
faith, hope love Catering
faith, hope love Cars
faith, hope love Music Selection/Options
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